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About 2 years ago, our team started to work on an interesting analytics project, and the general technical goal was processing data from any web-page. We had to get the data, process it with parsers and normalizers, and after that, we could carry out analysis with collected statistics.

Published at 11-12-2013

Available in Russian. The English version coming soon...

Published at 3-7-2013

Lot of projects, especially small or newcoming, have monetization problems. Even although services they provide are helpful. Some of them just don't have such a budget for marketing. Some missed with monetization model and didn't find a way through experiments to effective money expropriation yet.

Despite wide popularity of this problems lot of startupers tryed to use well-known models without any adaptation to their business scope. Sometimes that is not bad - good oldscool ads or timelimited subscriptions. Checked, worked. But not anywhere and anytime.

Published at 22-3-2013